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Synaesthesia with Children – Creativity and Learning

Im Frühjahr 2014 erscheint die englische Ausgabe desTagungsbandes zu Christine Söffings Konferenz "Synaesthesia with Children – Creativity and Learning". Die deutsche Ausgabe wird wenig später folgen.

Synaesthesia and Children - Creativity and Learning (Sinha-Soeffing)

Preliminary Table of Content

I – Synaesthesia – Concepts, Models, and Features

Uta Maria Jürgens, Danko Nikolić: Synaesthesia as an Ideasthesia – Cognitive Implications

Christopher Sinke, Hinderk M. Emrich: Crucial Questions as to the Origin of Synaesthesia During Childhood

Jamie Ward: Is Synaesthesia Associated with Particular Strengths and Weaknesses? Implications for Children With Synaesthesia

Manfred Bartel: Universal Grapheme Color Synaesthesia Test

II – Synaesthesia in Children – Historical and Current Observations

Jörg Jewanski, Julia Simner, Sean A. Day, Jamie Ward: The Beginning of Research on Synaesthesia With Children. Searching for Traces in the 19th Century

Sean A. Day: Synesthete Children and Their Families: In Their Own Words

Ursula Ditzig-Engelhardt: Understanding Music by Images – How Children Listen to Music

III –Synaesthetic Didactics and Synaesthetic Learning

Christine Söffing: The Blank Sheet. Synaesthesia as a Method in Artistic Workshops

Anton Dorso: Multisensory Experience Educational Techniques

Cretien van Campen, Clara Froger: How Children Paint Music

Michael Samarajiwa: How to Remusicalize Children with the Help of Synaesthesia

Maria José de Cordoba: Synaesthesia Methodologies and Practices. Experiences and Teaching Approaches

Jasmin Sinha: Latin and Luxembourgish. Synaesthesia as Hidden Learning Tool

IV – Synaesthesia and Creativity

Michael Funk: The Relation between Synaesthesia and Creativity – A Philosophical Essay

Solange Glasser: The Ambiguous Synaesthesia of Olivier Messiaen

Christine Söffing & EMU (Ensemble for Experimental Music, Ulm): Sonification of the Taste of Raspberry-Passion Fruit Juice and of a Chair

Anna Rowedder, Katja Krüger: How Beautiful is the Sound of Today’s Blue Sky

CD with 2 Movies and 2 Sound Files

Alexandra Kirschner: “But it is invisible to the eye!”

Anna Mandel: The Project "singingSculptures", or: Turning the Inner Movement Inside-Out

EMU Ensemble: Two Sound Files: 1. Raspberry/Passion Fruit Juice, 2. Chair.